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Thursday, 08 August 2019 15:35


At West Oz Kiteboarding we offer a full range of kiteboarding clinics for any skill level.


- Join pro riders such as Aaron Hadlow, Youri Zoon and Karolina Winkowska for a session whilst they are touring at Safety Bay (unfortunately not available for 2020/21 season)

- Get some freestyle tips from local WA riders including Dan Anderson.

- We run specific Junior Development Clinics for under 18s.

- Our own Jason Lewis will share his 20+ years knowledge in the industry with a more freeride approach and will be running some hydrofoiling and wing foil clinics also.

Stay tuned on our FACEBOOK PAGE for all of these upcoming events as the season kicks in.


- One of our instructors will run a FREE 1.5hr supervision session on a Friday afternoon at 5.30pm for anyone that has done lessons and purchased their kite equipment with us.  This is also available if you havent purchased your gear from us for just $25 per session.  This can be booked below, commencing again in November.


West Oz Kiteboarding is now focussed on what is our highest priority - Kiteboarding Lessons.  We want to provide the best lessons, with the best instructors and follow up with you to make sure that you are comfortable out on the water. 

We still offer a full rebate of your lessons off a kite package purchase - see PACKAGES HERE

We have therefore combined with WA Surf who will be selling kiteboarding gear from the Safety Bay Yacht Club - including Ozone, Duotone & Core Kites, plus Axis, Duotone and Ozone Kiteboards and a huge range of kite and SUP/surf foiling equipment.

Lesson rebates will still be available for use at the WA Surf shop but our enquiry numbers have changed slightly:-

Kiteboarding Lessons are still Sonya on 0438 591 755
All Gear Enquiries are now through the WA Surf shop on (08) 9592 1647 or 0427 927 873
Foiling Enquiries will be Jason on 0411 510 514

Wednesday, 29 May 2019 16:50

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Wednesday, 29 May 2019 16:38


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