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Teaching Since 1999 - you're in safe hands

We Eat, Sleep & Breathe Kitesurfing!! So why choose us for your lessons and gear:-

From the Beginning

West Oz Kiteboarding has been involved in the sport since the beginning.  Riding and teaching kiteboarding since 1999 our experience shows.  We have taught thousands of students over the past years and enjoy seeing the majority of those out on the water today.

Our Exclusive Location

West Oz has one of the most exclusive kiteboarding areas in the world.  We are the only holder of a permit to teach kiteboarding in the beautiful Safety Bay and Shoalwater Marine Park.  Crystal clear waters, cross shore breezes, no boats or obstacles, shallow sandbars and surrounding islands which provide chop protected water allows our students the ability to tap into this location in any wind direction.

Our Instructors

West Oz Kiteboarding is accredited through KA (Kiteboarding Australia).  This accreditation provides you with a certification card so that you can hire gear or continue lessons all around the world, and you can trust that your instructor is fully qualified and experienced to very strict standards (and have met our high expectations also).

Our instructors are the reason so many people speak highly of West Oz Kiteboarding. When you arrive for your kiteboarding lessons you will find the friendliest, most patient and professional people you will ever work with in an instructional environment.

New for 2021/ 2022 Season

In addition to kiteboarding and foiling lessons we will offer wind winging and wing foiling tuition. This new sport of wind winging combines a multitude of disciplines into a safe, simple and accessible package to enjoy by all.


Our Business Focus

Our priority is providing the best kite and wing lessons, in the best location in the world.  We believe you will be extremely satisfied with your lessons and we offer a rebate on our kite packages to get you into the sport after completing your course with us - see more info here.

In 2018 we also started working in partnership with WA Surf.  The shop in the Safety Bay Yacht Club sells a full range of new and second hand kiteboarding equipment.

Email or phone our shop on (08) 9592 1647 or 0427 927 873, or call for lessons on 0451 117 360 or for foiling or gear advice contact us on 0438 591 755.

Internationally Accredited Professionals

See our range of packages (contact us to mix the correct combo for you)
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Lessons: 0438 591 755
Gear: 0411 510 514
We promise to provide the best instruction, service and advice to get you out on the water!
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